For a brand to survive and thrive amidst today’s savvy, connected consumers, it all comes down to engaging people.

Inhouse offers a systematic approach to starting or changing the conversation, and maintaining a genuine dialogue on behelf of your brand.




We utilise the strength of our independence, yet can draw on the resources of the ICOM network of 100 agencies in 70 countries, to create opportunities in an unbiased and impartial manner. We are beholden to no one, except the consumer… and your brand.



Razor-sharp insights into consumer behaviour and media consumption are the key to keeping your brand engaged. Insight gives rise to strategy, which provides the road map to keep every idea, communication and platform in perfact alignment and to leverage the power of your brand assets.



We begin with a deep dive into your brand and its environment, drawing on our considerable experience as brandthropologists. We discover your brand’s unique currency through market research, a thorough brand audit, examination of its architecture, and an exacting analysis of competitors, target market and brand health.



A deep understanding of the consumer and the ways in which our world has changed are vital when it comes to prioritizing audience, platforms and solutions. We don’t pay lip service to social media just to tick a box. Rather, we treat each brand on its merits and play to its strengths, focusing always on engaging the consumer in a two-way conversation.



Influence is about two way communications, where people express their personal opinions based on their experience. The idea is to tap into existing hubs, or spheres of influence.

These could include early adopters, loyalists, people with a shared interest, experts, bloggers, writers, celebrities and tribal leaders, among others. The popularity of platforms may rise and fall but influence remains the key factor across the spectrum of social media.



The crucial step in the process, and indeed our raison d’être, is the conception, execution and extension, of the Big Idea. Inspired creative, anchored by insight, steered by strategy, supported by story-telling, and designed to engage – this is the beating heart of what we do.

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